News from Rick Browne

I wanted to share some great news with the residents of Ridgefield.

Ridgefield Living magazine is returning to your mailboxes beginning in February. We have been on forced hiatus since June due to some problems the State of Washington had when we announced we were expanding our free circulation from 1,50 homes to 4,300 homes.

There were legal problems, all of which I am not privy to, that were settled by our corporate headquarters in N. Carolina and now we can bring Ridgefield’s favorite magazine back to you all.

Several changes: First I will no longer be the Editor, that role will be aptly fulfilled by Cindy Lebeau, with whom I will be working as Content Editor. Since I’ve lived here for a dozen years we want to keep my knowledge of the community front and center to better serve our readers. Cindy will be handling the administrative details, advertising, as well as contributing to the editorial content decisions.

The second change: The magazine will now be called RIDGEFIELD LIFE. But will have the same type of stories about residents, their children, businesses, pets, gardens, hobbies, and leisure and community support activities. And, as before, we will continue to seek suggestions as to stories our readers are looking for.

You can send ideas and suggestions to me at or to Cindy at

We’re delighted to bring your magazine back and hope that not only enjoy what we produce but want to take an active hand in contributing ideas, family photos, and your enthusiasm.

Merry Christmas and see you in the New Year

Rick Browne

Ridgefield Life

Content Editor

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