North County Rotary club introduces “Rotary Book Nook” program

With a mission to promote literacy in neighborhoods around the west side of North Clark County, the Rotary Club of Three Creeks has installed its very first Rotary Book Nook.

In partnership with Friends of the Ridgefield Library, club president Nelson Holmberg worked with Friends member Tevis Laspa to install a Book Nook at Lark Park at the corner of Lark Drive and Heron Drive in Ridgefield.

“We’re thrilled with the opportunity we’ve had to put this program together,” Holmberg said. “The Rotary Club of Three Creeks purchased two of these small libraries at fundraising events to benefit the Ridgefield library and to place the first one in Ridgefield is absolutely appropriate.”

Books have been purchased by the club to stock the Book Nook and, going forward, speakers at regular meetings of the club will sign books to be placed in the small neighborhood libraries with inspirational messages for readers.

“It’s really about providing access and visibility to the value of literacy and accessibility to reading,” Holmberg said. “Basic education and literacy is an official area of focus as designated by Rotary International, and this is just one small way our club can make a difference while honoring that area of focus.”

The new Lark Park library has birds hand painted on it, which makes it a good fit in the city that not only honors the presence of birds at the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, but also plays nicely with the location at Lark & Heron Drives.

Titles in these Book Nooks are free and Rotary Club of Three Creeks hopes that visitors will “take a book and leave a book”. While the club sponsors and maintains the Book Nooks – including stocking the inventory – it is known that sharing of books by the users means the club doesn’t have to keep purchasing books to share.

“We believe this is a great service to the communities we love so much,” Holmberg said.


The Rotary Club of Three Creeks recently celebrated its second anniversary and serves the Hazel Dell, Felida, Salmon Creek and Ridgefield areas of North Clark County. Since chartering in October 2016, the club of 32 members has completed more than two dozen service projects. More information about the club can be found on its website (, or Facebook (


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