Overlook Park

Adam McIsaac with plans

Members of the Overlook Park Committee met with Adam McIsaac this morning at the Sportsman’s Restaurant and Lounge to go over drawings for the four panels which will span spaces between the uprights at the rear of the stage at the park.

The panels will be metal, nine feet wide, and illustrate flora and fauna that are native to our area.

That’s Adam at the left, showing the six concepts he presented. Jim Maul, Dick Carlson and Steve Wall are also pictured. Others who also attended were Mayor Ron Onslow, Sandy Schill, Allene Wodaege and me.

Adam is a nationally known artist who works in wood and metal. Four of the six designs were approved, and the next step will be to vectorize the drawings and research what type of metal will be cost effective and be best for the work.



  1. Ailsa Crawford says:

    I doubt that I am the only person who does not know what vectorize means. What does it mean? In this context, anyway.

  2. I believe it means making an image of the design that can be read by a computer. This is used as a template to cut the image out of the desired material, in this case metal.

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