Buy a Flag from the Lions

Does your home lack a United States flag? The Ridgefield Lions Club can help you out! On Saturday, November 7th, just in time for Veterans Day, the Ridgefield Lions will be installing flags. The Lions offered this service in June, and it was very popular. It is just $20 for both the installation and the kit. There is a limited number of flag kits, so get your request in soon! This is a great deal and you can support the Lions! Click the link to order your kit today:

Superintendent’s Special Update to Families – October 14, 2020




October 14, 2020

Dear Ridgefield Families,

As the coronavirus pandemic continues, I marvel at our community’s resilience.  Still, after seven months, the very real challenges and stressors we collectively face can have a compounding effect.  For that reason, I am writing this particular update, joined by Teresa Vance, our Assistant Director of Social/Emotional Learning.  We wish to share resources on mental wellness and health you may not otherwise be aware of to help your students through these difficult times.

The first resource includes two documents (Steps to Keep Your Family Healthy Today and LEARN Saves Lives-Suicide Prevention Tips for Teens) from the Forefront Suicide Prevention Center at the University of Washington.  You will find this document beneficial if you have questions or seek information regarding mental health and ways to talk with your student about suicide prevention.  It will also help you recognize when someone may be at risk and how to connect them with immediate help.

The second resource is a link to a list of mental health providers and crisis response organizations in the Clark County area.  We are also providing a third document, a list of the primary organizations in the Clark County area who support families with grief and bereavement.

If you desire additional assistance accessing any of the supports identified above, we encourage you to contact your student’s school counselor.   You may quickly access contact information on our SEL school counselor webpage, located at school counseling, and clicking on the email next to your student’s school counselor.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.  If you have any questions about social-emotional learning, please call or email.


Dr. Nathan McCann, Superintendent

Teresa Vance, Assistant Director SEL



Ridgefield School Libraries Provide Curbside Checkout

When Ridgefield schools transitioned to remote learning, librarians Emily Crawford, Jill Guccini, and Jubilee Roth wanted to continue to put actual books in students’ hands—even while the school buildings were closed.  Curbside Checkout became a perfect solution.

Curbside Checkout is modelled on Fort Vancouver Regional Library System’s successful curbside service.  Students start at a central website for Ridgefield school libraries: .  They can search for the books they need on the Catalog tab, or click on Destiny Discover to find new books and popular titles.  By clicking the link to the school’s order form, students can place a hold on the books they want.

An email goes out when the books are ready for pickup.  The elementary schools have scheduled curbside pickup times; the intermediate, middle, and high schools have book bins outside the schools for extended hours.  Books are returned the same way, through the curbside pickup or book bins.

To ensure the safety of students, families, and library staff, social distancing and masks are required for curbside pickup.  As an additional safety measure, all returned materials are isolated for four or more days before they are put back into circulation.

Union Ridge Elementary School librarian Jubilee Roth is ready to hand out books with the new Curbside Checkout program.

Curbside Checkout also has a new way for elementary school students to find books they might be interested in.  A grab-bag style program called Library Sampler lets students list the type of books they like, and librarians pick books that are appropriate and fun for their grade level.  “It solves the problem for kindergarteners, for example, who haven’t even been to our libraries,” Union Ridge librarian Roth explained.  “And for other kids who usually pick a book by flipping it open and looking through it, we can pick some surprises for them.”

Older students have options for finding new books too.  Guccini, the librarian for Sunset Ridge Intermediate, View Ridge Middle, and Ridgefield High Schools, recommends using the online Resource Lists.  “Library Catalog Resource Lists are basically recommendations of books from us.  So, kids can go find books on sports, books with LGBT characters, whatever they’re interested in.  There are a whole bunch of different lists for kids to search through if they don’t know where to start.”  Guccini also has an Instagram account at guccini_libraries to provide information and showcase new titles.

The checkout bins at Sunset Ridge Inermediate School and View Ridge Middle School allow for extended hours pickup.

In addition to the Curbside Checkout program, all of the librarians spend time with remote learning classes to promote reading.  Guccini partners with English classes, where she talks about library programs and reminds students that reading for fun can help decrease anxiety.  And the elementary school librarians lead Zoom classes for each grade.  Crawford, the librarian at South Ridge, enjoys interacting with the students.  “I take it as a compliment to libraries that they want to be there [in the live Zoom class].  They come because it’s fun.  Our goal is to make it fun and enjoyable, something they want to do.”

The Ridgefield school librarians are working hard to provide services for students across the Ridgefield School District, and they are happy to be reaching even more students with Curbside Checkout.  Roth said, “The most important job in the library is to get books in the hands of kids.  The physical books are the heart of the library.  I’m glad we’re able to do curbside for that.”

October 2020 Employee and Students of the Month

On October 13, Ridgefield School District officials recognized the October Employee and Students of the Month at the regular Board of Directors meeting.

Employee of the Month

Roz Andersen is an exceptional employee and an asset to the entire Ridgefield High School organization.  She is detail-oriented and always makes sure the job is done right. She also has an infectious sense of humor.  For the past few years, Roz was RHS’ Attendance Secretary.  She has refined that position, making the changes necessary to better track student attendance.  When the opportunity to apply for the Registrar position became available, Roz jumped at the chance.  She is always eager to learn and willing to go the extra 10 miles (she is a runner, after all).  Roz has a great way with parents, the community, students and staff and is one of the reasons RHS is such a great place.  There is no doubt that Roz Andersen is deserving of the honor of Employee of the Month for October.

Roz Andersen

Students of the Month

Haley Heath was selected as October’s Student of the Month for the Early Learning Center.  Haley has shown a high level of resiliency coming back to school.  Within the first couple of days, she got acclimated to the familiar routines, picking up right where she left off last spring.  With all the changes, she has risen above expectations.  She is the first to support and empathize with her peers and check on them.  Right away, she remembers that our classrooms are safe and encouraging spaces where we treat one another with kindness.  When she notices that friends are missing their family, she runs over to our Family board to grab their family photo and brings it to them.  Haley also will gently remind her friends to wear their masks.  She recently turned four, and her leadership is already shining bright.  We’re so proud of our youngest future Spudders!  Haley is our Early Learning Center Student of the Month for October!

Haley Heath

Kenslee Bushnell, a second grader, was selected at South Ridge Elementary.  Kenslee has taken on virtual learning with such gusto.  She is excited and ready to learn each and every morning.  She’s an active participant, constantly raising her hand to answer questions and ask strong critical thinking questions.  We love her determination to conquer distance learning.  She has even started asking for additional work to practice with during independent learning time!  This continues to prove that Kenslee is an amazing student who will challenge herself even after the school day ends.  Despite any technical challenges and the start to a school year unlike any other, Kenslee has risen to the occasion beautifully.  We are so proud to know her, and we can’t wait to see her hard work continue to pay off throughout the school year.

Kenslee Bushnell

Sloan McTighe, a first grader, was selected at Union Ridge Elementary.  Sloan meets her class every day with a smile and a good morning to her friends.  She brings positive energy that sets a wonderful tone and example for her peers and teacher.  Sloan looks at everything with a sunny disposition and seeks out the best in people and situations.  Sloan has taken distance learning in stride.  She faces the challenges of learning at the door with the same cheerful disposition with which she greets her classmates.  Whether it is in-person or on-line, Sloan is determined to learn and chooses an attitude that will no doubt help her to be successful.  Way to go, Sloan!

Sloan McTighe

Ella Burke, a sixth grader, was selected at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School.  Ella has shown great responsibility and resilience by being positive, staying engaged during online lessons, participating and working well with her peers, completing assignments on time and putting forth effort in the quality of her work.  She has also shown incredible character.  With everything that is happening right now, she has been doing her part in giving back to the community by helping families and horses displaced by the recent nearby wildfires.  She is kind, generous and humble in her desire to reach out and help others.  For these amazing qualities, Ella Burke deserves the honor of October Student of the Month at Sunset Ridge Intermediate.

Ella Burke

Dennis Antonov, a seventh grader, was chosen at View Ridge Middle School.  Dennis communicates respectfully with teachers and takes responsibility for his learning and classroom tasks, finding ways to complete them even when faced with technical difficulties.  He works hard in student support time as well as in live class Zooms.  Dennis has turned in all of his work, showing good effort and detail.  He shows up for all of his classes on time and is a good listener.  Dennis works hard.  When he doesn’t understand something, he continues to be resilient and persistent, asking good questions to find the answer.  He is very responsible and makes sure he has everything he needs for class.  Dennis has been a respectful and hardworking student since Day 1 of distance learning.  When working with other students in small groups, he doesn’t shy away from including others.  He is thorough in his work and helpful during Zoom class.  We enjoy seeing his smiling face on Zoom.

Dennis Antonov

It is always difficult paring down the number or amazing students we have at Ridgefield High School to select just one Student of the Month.  Even in this remote learning environment, students still step up to the plate demonstrating the 3R’s of Respect, Responsibility and Resilience to make the best of the situations they face.  Senior Lydia Jackson is one such student.  Lydia is described by her teachers as a “student who just grinds through her work” and a student who “literally defines the 3R’s.”  “She is an extremely hard worker and has faced many challenges.  She is not a straight-A student but always gives it 110%.  She does not let anything get her down and will keep pushing through no matter what.  She self-advocates, tries her best, and is always respectful and kind to teachers and other students.”  After high school, Lydia plans to become a flight attendant and wants to open a photography studio to pursue her passion in photography.  Ridgefield High School is proud to select Lydia Jackson as October Student of the Month.

Lydia Jackson

Special thanks to the local office of James Schmeling at Allstate Insurance Company, the Ridgefield Public Schools Foundation and Ridgefield Boosters for sponsoring the district’s recognition program this school year.

District Hosts Community Forum on Hybrid Learning Via Zoom

$75 Credit for Shopping in Ridgefield Expires Oct 31

City of Ridgefield is offering utility rebates on your water bills for local receipts. You could earn a credit on your utility bill by buying and eating locally made food and beverages, or by purchasing a gift card from your favorite downtown store. Spend $25 at a local business or restaurant (you can combine receipts) – the receipt must have the date (between 9/14/2020 and 10/31/2020) and business name. Write your name (as it appears on your utility statement), phone number, and utility account number on the receipt(s). Upload the receipt(s) in the form below OR Scan and email the receipt(s) to or drop off the receipt(s) in a sealed envelope at the gray dropbox in front of City Hall at 230 Pioneer St by Sunday, November 15th. The City of Ridgefield will credit $15 towards your utility bill. You can earn up to 5 credits per account with a maximum credit of $75 per account.

Getting in the Spirit of Things

The hardware store always has a good display for the various holidays. Here’s their take on Hallowe’en. Thanks Cathy and Scott and your whole crew for your creativity. Does everyone know that Ridgefield Hardware is the oldest continually operated hardware store west of the Mississippi? We have a treasure right in our back yard.=!

Superintendent’s Update to Families – October 9, 2020




October 9, 2020

Dear Ridgefield Families,

If you are like me, you have been monitoring the Clark County Public Health Department website more closely every Tuesday.  The most recent COVID-19 14-day activity rate is 95.60 cases per 100,000, keeping the region in the “high” category for the third consecutive week.  The Ridgefield School District will not move to a hybrid learning model until the weekly rates are in the moderate range for at least three successive weeks.  Please remember, we can all do our part to reduce coronavirus spread in Clark County by wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and practicing good hygiene.

While the transition remains on hold, we are committed to expanding in-person student services, including transitioning to hybrid learning when it is safe to do so.  With that in mind, the District will be hosting a Hybrid Community Information Night on Tuesday, October 20, at 6:00 PM.  Please plan to join us using this link.

Did you know that October is National Bullying Prevention Month, as well as National Principals’ Month?  You can show your support for National Bullying Prevention Month by wearing orange on Unity Day, set for Wednesday, October 21st this year.  A great way to show your principal you care and support all they do is to ask your child to create a card, short poem, or drawing.  I  know the principals would love to have their email inbox filled with student creations.

Yesterday afternoon, Declan (my almost six-year-old) and I got our flu shots.  If you know him, you won’t be surprised to learn; he handled it like a champ.  I’m proud of him for doing his part to help keep Ridgefield healthy.  While our family receives the flu vaccine annually, public health officials remind us this year the vaccine is more critical than ever.  You can help reduce the strain on our healthcare community by getting your flu shot early this year.  For additional flu vaccine information, please follow this link.  Many local pharmacies are ramping up their services, including: Safeway. Walgreens, Rosauers, Albertsons, Fred Meyer, CVS at Target, and Walmart.

Do you have some great photos of your students hard at work during Ridgefield Remote?  How about a candid shot of them exceptionally engaged in a Zoom lesson, playing during a virtual PE class, or getting into an art project?  We invite you to share student pictures with the District by emailing them to

I believe that humans are creatures of habit. I know I am.  I also understand that the fear of the unknown is real.  This year has provided a lot of change and disruption from our regular habits and routines.  In an article posted on, Carrie Macmillian shares “8 Tips for Working From Home with Kids During Covid-19”.  While I will share the headline for each of the eight tips, I encourage you to take a moment and read the article.  I think you will find it well worth your time.

  • Create a schedule
  • Get up and move
  • Schedule a time to be with your kids
  • Embrace technology
  • If your child has special needs, reach out to their school
  • Be mindful of how you talk to kids about COVID-19
  • Be on the lookout for anxiety
  • Look for silver linings

Parent-teacher conferences are right around the corner for Union Ridge Elementary, South Ridge Elementary, Sunset Ridge Intermediate, and View Ridge Middle School.  If you have not already, please reach out to your teacher to schedule a time to visit.  A quick reminder, both Thursday, October 22, and Friday, October 23, will be early release days.


Dr. Nathan McCann, Superintendent


Only in Ridgefield…

After I posted information about my stolen Biden/Harris sign, a friend offered to donate her sign, so we’ve replaced the missing sign and added another – see above. This is so typical of the way people in Ridgefield support each other. This is a unique town – I hope all our new residents understand that and keep it that way.

It’s sad that someone would steal a political sign, but it’s a sign of the times, with the leader of the United States setting such a poor example. A new administration will bring back honesty and transparency to our government.

Ballots will be mailed October 16 – this is your chance to change things. Your vote counts just as much as everyone else’s. VOTE!

Who dun it?

To the thief who stole the Biden-Harris sign that was displayed at Pioneer and 4th, you missed the sign in front of my house. You should probably sneak back tonight and get it too.

If you took the sign because you wanted to display it in front of your house, just put $20 under the mat on my front porch and I’ll go to the Clark County Democratic office and buy another one.

If you took the sign because you’re a Trump supporter – I feel sorry for you. You can’t stand to have an honest politician running, can you? Wonder what your kids will believe in now? Certainly not fairness and being open-minded. Are you keeping America Great?

Honesty is the best policy.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The December issue of “Ridgefield Life” will feature an ugly Christmas sweater article since there likely won’t be the annual ugly sweater run. They are looking for couples or families who want to don their ugly Christmas sweaters to be featured in the December holiday issue. If you are interested you can either just send Chris Bidleman ( existing photos from your archives or he can come to your house and  take a photo outside or inside, maintaining social distance. There is a tight deadline to get this done before Oct 15 so let Chris know as soon as you can or just email your photos to him. Make sure to include all names of the people in the photo so they get the caption correct.

Library Used Book Sale

Remember the date! Our new library needs all the donations it can get!

Paula McCoy Awarded Professional Certification from WASBO

Paula McCoy, Executive Director of Business Services for the Ridgefield School District has received the prestigious designation of a Certified School Business Official (CSBO) from the Washington Association of School Business Officials (WASBO).  The certificate was awarded on September 24, 2020.

Recipients of professional certification with WASBO adhere to high standards of education, experience, competency and ethics in the performance of their position as a school business professionals in management and administration.

Paula McCoy

“I am very appreciative of the collaboration with my fellow school business colleagues around the state who have mentored me over the last several years,” said McCoy.  “Most of all, I am grateful to be a part of the Ridgefield School District team.  The success of my work is due in large part to their support.  I can’t imagine working alongside a more enthusiastic and dedicated staff.”

The Ridgefield School District is proud to congratulate Paula McCoy for achieving this esteemed designation.

Superintendent’s Update to Families – October 2, 2020




October 2, 2020

Dear Ridgefield Families,

We are wrapping up one of the most spectacular final weeks of September that I can remember.  The sun has been out with temperatures hovering in the low 80’s nearly every day.  I hope you found a moment to breathe in the fresh air and take in the early fall colors.  If not, there is still time this weekend.  The forecast is calling for cooler temperatures and the possibility of rain late next week.

Earlier this week, Clark County Public Health (CCPH) released the newest 14-day COVID activity level, 86.18 cases per 100,000 people.  This number is trending the wrong way and continues to put our region in the “high” range, thereby delaying the transition to hybrid in-person learning.

As we have shared previously, CCPH recommends that COVID activity rates remain below 75 cases per 100,000 people for at least three consecutive weeks.  We will continue to coordinate with CCPH and communicate with you the District’s transition plan as we learn more.

Knowing that we are going to be in Ridgefield Remote for at least three more weeks, now may be a great time to review your at-home learning space.  The following seven tips are from a recent article published by the Khan Academy linked here.

  • Choose a location based on your child’s learning preferences.
  • Eliminate distractions.
  • Make it comfortable – but not too
  • Ensure the learning space has good lighting.
  • Have all your child’s supplies – pencils, paper, calculator, for example – easily accessible in their learning space.
  • Encourage your child to personalize their learning space by adding decorations, artwork, or anything else that might help them to stay motivated and be inspired.
  • If possible, the learning space should only be used for learning; this includes attending classes, doing homework, studying, for example.

Birdfest and Bluegrass Home Edition begins this weekend.  The Friends of the Refuge have worked very hard to make this a memorable and engaging virtual experience.  I encourage you to spend some time exploring and learning more about the culture and history of our area.

This coming Tuesday, October 6th is National Night Out.  This year the City of Ridgefield is asking community members to celebrate in their neighborhoods, as we are still under large group gathering restrictions.

Great news…the Fort Vancouver Regional Library District has received 90 hotspots through the State of Washington. These are items that families can put a hold on and check out like they would a book or DVD.  To find them through the library’s catalog system, simply type in “hotspot”.  Just like the RSD Hotspots, these devices need a cell signal to be used.


Dr. Nathan McCann, Superintendent

October is National Bullying Prevention Month

National Bullying Prevention Month is a nationwide campaign founded in 2006 by PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.  The campaign is held during the month of October and unites communities around the world to educate and raise awareness of bullying prevention.

This campaign has grown from an initial week-long event in 2006 to a worldwide effort.  Hundreds of schools, major corporations, and many celebrities have joined the movement along with thousands of individuals participating in multiple activities throughout the month of October.

A poster contest is now underway in the District inviting all students K-12 to show support against bullying.  Read more about it here:

Unity Day, Wednesday, October 21st, is the signature event of National Bullying Prevention Month. To commemorate Unity Day, we are encouraging everyone to wear orange that day.  The color signifies support for students who have been bullied and shows our unity and support for bullying prevention.  Share your Unity Day photos using the hashtag #RSDbekind.

Get involved to show that you care about kids being safe at school, online and in the community.  To learn more about National Bullying Prevention Month, visit PACER’s website at