Make it 2 M

I thought you’d like an update on the search for a site for our new library. The Community Center is being seriously considered. Engineering and environmental studies of the building are either finished or in the process.

There are some problems that need to be addressed, such as strengthening the roof and interior walls, but the prospect looks good. There will be a public meeting on Saturday, April 14, to present FVRL Board’s ideas. Put that date on your calendar.

The plan is to move the Community Center to the View Ridge site after the new school buildings are complete, so we will still have a large public meeting space. The best thing is that the Board of the Community Center voted to donate the building to the library, and the money would be eligible for matching funds from the anonymous donor who has pledged to match any pledge over $10,000 up to a million dollars. This will really help our fund-raising efforts.

Community Garden

Did you have a plot at the Community Garden last year? If you want to keep it, the deadline for renewing is March 31. After that, any one on the waiting list will be assigned a plot. During May, gardeners with assigned plots may secure additional plots if available. If any plots remain unassigned, advertising will be done to recruit additional gardeners.

The garden is at 224 South 5th Avenue and there are 10’x10′ plots and 4’x10′ plots available for $35 and $17, respectively, for the whole year including water. All you have to do is plant, water, weed and harvest.

To apply, please complete the Community Garden Application found here and return it to the City of Ridgefield along with your payment.

For more info, visit Ridgefield City Hall on Pioneer or email or call 360 721-1046

First Day of Spring Sunset

    Yesterday, everywhere on our planet, the sun set was due west.  If you were standing on the equator yesterday the sun would have been directly overhead at noon and then gone straight down in the west.  In Ridgefield yesterday, the sun at noon would have been about 45 degrees above the horizon in the south and it would have gone down at a 45 degree angle and set due west.  On the first day of summer the sun here will be at 68 degrees above the horizon at noon(45 + 23 degrees) and would set at 23 degrees to the north of due west.   At the equator on the first day of summer, you would see the sun at 67 degrees above the horizon but in the north(90 – 23).  Sunset at the equator would be 23 degrees to the north of west.  Even though the earth turns once a day and half the earth is in sun and half in shadow, the tilt of the earth makes for a 16 hour day in summer instead of just a 12 hour day.  In the summer the northern hemisphere is very productive for growth of plants because of the long day and  the tilt of the earth give us.  Can you dig it?

~ Contributed by Paul Snoey

Come to the Mayor’s Ball

There are still a few tickets left for the Mayor’s Ball, this Saturday starting at 6 pm. It’s at Hunter’s Ranch at Rolling Hills. Proceeds go to Ridgefield Main Street Program to buy sunshades for Overlook Park.

This is always a fun event and you won’t want to miss it. Cost is $65 per person. Call Ron at 360-721-1095 to reserve a spot.

Ridgefield Youth Arts Month Events Showcase Talents of Ridgefield Students

Come celebrate the talents of Ridgefield’s students!  Both events are proudly presented as a part of Ridgefield Youth Arts Month.

Junie B. Jones – The Musical, is a musical theater production with performances scheduled on Friday-Saturday (March 23-24) at the Ridgefield High School Performing Arts Center.  With a cast comprised entirely of students from South Ridge and Union Ridge Elementary Schools, this delightful musical is sure to please and one not to be missed.  Advance tickets are now available through March 22 at and at the door on the day of the performances.

Be sure to view the exhibits of phenomenal artwork at the District Art Show on Tuesday, March 27 5:00-7:00 pm at Ridgefield High School.  Free admission.  The show features the creative talents of students from all four Ridgefield schools.  While there, check out the High School Student Art Sale.  Proceeds from the sale will go towards a trip to the Seattle Art Museum by RHS students in Advanced Art, Drawing & Painting Art, and the Art Club.  Students will tour museum exhibits, make art and music and have an opportunity to network with other teen artists.


Ridgefield School District To Implement Visitor Screening Process At All Schools

Starting Monday, April 9, Ridgefield School District plans to implement a screening process for all visitors entering its schools.  The Visitor Management System, from Raptor Technologies is designed to keep students and staff safe by screening all visitors requesting access to school areas where students are present.  Staff trainings occurred on March 8th.  The new process will be effective when school resumes after Spring Break.

All visitors will be required to check in at the school’s front office (in Building A for the elementary schools).   If they will be accessing areas where students are present, they will need to provide a valid ID in order to obtain a visitor’s badge.  Their ID will be scanned to check nationally registered sex offender databases for information that would indicate a potential threat to students or staff.  If the scan flags such data, the system will summon the building administrator and security officer to the front office to speak with the visitor.

Visitors whose ID scans are cleared will be given a visitors badge, which will serve as their pass to be in the building.  With the new screening process in place, parents who routinely walk their elementary school students to the classroom will need a visitor’s badge in order to do so.

A visitor’s badge will not be required if the duration of the visit takes place only in the school office.

Following are features of Raptor Technologies’ Visitor Management System:

  • Instantly screens each visitor against the registered sex offender databases in all 50 states
  • Checks visitors against custom databases set by each school for custody alerts or banned visitor information
  • Keeps accurate and reliable records for every visitor entering the schools each day
  • Creates reports for entire districts and/or individual schools
  • Allows users to instantly alert a customized list of school officials and first responders in emergency situations

The district will also implement Raptor Technologies’ K-12 Volunteer Management System in May/June to help streamline its process to recruit and manage its pool of volunteers.  The system will replace the current paper application process.  Implementation of this system will:

  • Automatically track the hours of every single volunteer in the school
  • Automatically submit volunteer application data for a complete background check
  • Keep vital volunteer information in one place for easy access
  • Create reports on volunteers quickly and easily
  • Make it easy for parents and community members to sign up to be volunteers and sign up for events

Raptor Technologies provides integrated school safety technologies to nearly 20,000 K-12 schools nationwide.  For more information, visit their website at

First Day of Spring



This  Anna’s hummingbird was photographed feeding on a red flowering current bush this morning.  Spring will arrive at 9:15 AM today. We know the earth is tilted 23.4 degrees and that is the cause of the seasons.  The change at our latitude, about half way between the equator and the north pole, is dramatic.  The grasses are turning green and growing.  Trees are blooming and beginning to turn green, and insects are beginning to appear.  Flowering plants are emerging,  people are mowing their lawns, and thinking about planting gardens.

So, what would our world be like if the earth was not tilted?  It would mean the sun would be over the equator, like today, everyday of the year. There would only be one season everywhere. The equatorial zone would be extremely hot  and stormy and only gradually cooling away from the equator. No seasons would mean no timing for plant growth or dormancy. It would be a world much different from this one.  It’s hard to imagine no seasons.

What if our world was tilted  90 degrees instead of just 23 degrees?  It would mean spring and fall would be much like ours, but it would mean that on the first day of summer the sun would be right over the north pole and would stay there for some time. No night or day just extreme sunshine. Six months later our North pole would be in a deep freeze. It would be a hellish planet switching with violent extremes of freezing to baking.  What kind of life would even exist on such a world?

But here we are with our spring and the earth’s gentle tilt and the transition from spring to summer will be just a little bit more  each day.  Although it can be a bit too cold in the winter and too hot at times in the summer, the changes in the seasons are better than the alternatives.




State of City Address March 29

Mayor Ron Onslow delivers the State of the City Address Thursday, March 29th 6:30-8:30 pm at the Ridgefield High School Performing Arts Center.

Join us for an evening beginning with light appetizers while you socialize with local leaders and other members of the community.

The presentation will include a performance by a  talented Ridgefield High School pianist, a slide show with pictures of the area growth, hot spots in Ridgefield and community events.

Mayor Onslow’s speech will focus on the ‘Growth, Inspiration and Opportunity’ that we are all experiencing. He will review 2017 highlights and accomplishments, discuss future projects that are planned at the Junction and downtown, and celebrate the enriching environment, small town charm and natural beauty that we all enjoy in Ridgefield!

Thought for the Week

Why we do what we do”

We create.

In order to grasp a clearer sense of that

which stretches out behind.

And from this sighting, spot

those points which help us plot

a course along the path which lies ahead.

And what is this trip, but

sensation and adventure? What is life, but

a search for realization and amazement

among the round, gray rocks

of an eternal seaside? An

entertaining side-trip into a realm

where we imagine ourselves as not

all-powerful and omniscient?

We create.

If you wait for the Muse

to bequeath you your gift

what you desire will never arrive.

We create.

If, along the road, you see

the diamond of your dreams, it’s up to you

to draw it close

or pass it by. It’s your diamond.

Why should it matter

to anyone else what you do with it?

Until you do with it

what you will.

And upon that, for someone else

may rest everything.

We create.

The future

lies only in the realm of magic.

For nowhere else is it to be found.

It is only as

you create

it. And how else

would you describe magic?

Naught but memories inhabit the past.

Nothing living to be found there.

You may as well search the eyes

of those you see along the way

for the ghosts of lovers who have

long since left the room.

Many do. And live lost in the search.

We create.

We dance on metaphysical toes

across a very personal universe.

We do what we do

for love of the dance.

– Michael Graves

Carolyn Long Town Hall

60-70 people attended Carolyn Long’s Town Hall last night at the Ridgefield Community Center. She spoke on a number of subjects in response to questions from a very involved audience.

In case you were unable to attend, her campaign Kick-off will be Friday March 30 from 6-8 pm at the Clark County Square Dance Center, 10713 NE 117th Court.

IQ Sponsors Easter Egg Hunt

Library Event Canceled

The welcome to our librarian, originally scheduled for Tuesday, March 27, has been canceled due to unexpected circumstances, It will be rescheduled for later this spring.

Meaningful Movies

March 28th, 7 pm at the Old Liberty Theater, Meaningful Movies in Ridgefield and the Ridgefield Community Library present the Oscar-nominated short documentary “Heroin(e)”. The film will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Fire Chief John Nohr, Police Chief John Brooks, Clinical Director of the Ridgefield Recovery Village Dallas Carroll, Ann Donnelly – Mental Health Advocate, Brad Anderson – Chief of Addiction Medicine for Kaiser Permanente and others.

We will discuss the current state of the opioid crisis in our area, available resources and ideas to address this epidemic. The film is free, snacks, ice cream, beer, wine, coffee and tea available for purchase.

Welcome our new Librarian POSTPONED


A “Welcome” reception will be held on Tuesday, March 27, from 4:00 to 5:00 pm in the Ridgefield Community Library to meet and greet Jessica, the new Senior Library Assistant joining Sean, Lois and Anne-Laure as part of the Ridgefield Community Library team. She will be working three days a week. Dessert will be served. This event is sponsored by the Friends of Ridgefield Community Library and is free and open to the public.

Please come and give Jessica a proper “Ridgefield” welcome!

St. Patrick’s Day at the Sportsman’s