Attention Public Safety Minded Neighbors

The first meeting of the Ridgefield Police Event Volunteers is taking place next Wednesday, November 14, at 6:30 pm at the Ridgefield Fire Station, 911 N 65th Ave. We will be organizing the group and providing training to our first group. If you would like to participate, join us Wednesday night. If you have additional questions call or email Chief John Brooks at (360) 887-3556 or

Swing Dance Classes at RAS

Ridgefield Arts Space is holding Swing and Salsa classes, starting Tuesday, November 13 from 7 to 8:30 pm at their beautiful space above the hardware store at Main and Pioneer.

Cost is $90 single or $150 per couple but receive a 20% discount if you mention this post, making it $72 single or $150 per couple.

To register, call Liz or Spencer at (360) 947 4484 or click the register link below. Choose a single registration or a pair. Either mention this ad by phone or enter coupon code SWINGSALSA20 when registering online and receive a 20% discount.

Last class is December 18th.

Now you can be a show off at your next event!


Christmas Card Workshop

Once again I’ll hold a Christmas Card Workshop as a fund raiser for Friends of the Library, where folks can come and create their own watercolor Christmas cards.

This year I’m offering two sessions: Saturday, November 17 and Monday, December 3. Cost is $45 or $40 for Friends members. Come to both classes for $80, or $75 for Friends members.

All materials are supplied, and this year we’ll have glitter available to make the cards even more stunning.

Class size is limited, so call now to reserve your spot. 360-887-2160 or

American Legion Honors Vets

Free Ink Cartridges

My Epson printer has finally given up after years of hard use, and I have ink cartridges to give away. They fit the Epson Stylus Photo R260, 280, 380 / RX580, 595, 680 / Artisan 50. I have all the colors, and most of the cartridges are high capacity and were purchased within the last month. Total value of the cartridges is almost $160.

You can have them for nothing by calling 360-887-2160 or emailing me at

If you would like to donate a percentage of the value to the Friends of the Library it would be much appreciated.

Folk Music Tickets

Two tickets to the Honey Whiskey Trio performance on Friday, November 16, at the Reedwood Friends Church in Portland are available for $20 each at the library. A local couple has season tickets to the Portland Folk Music Society events and they will be out of town for this performance, so have donated their tickets to benefit the Friends of the Ridgefield Library.

Los Angeles based Honey Whiskey Trio tells stories through song and stomp, highlighting the musical traditions of American Folk Music. The three sisters began singing together in each other’s living rooms as an emotional and musical release. They solidified their style as American Folk and picked up instruments to further enhance their vocally driven sound. They create, arrange, and explore music from the front porches, music halls and hymn books of early America.

If you would like to attend this performance, call the Ridgefield Library at 360-906-4770. First caller wins the tickets.

Shuman Wins Painting

Congratulations to Frank Shuman, whose winning ticket was drawn Saturday in the raffle sponsored by the Ridgefield Community Gleaners Association. Frank won the lovely original watercolor painting generously donated by Patricia Thompson and painted by Kathy Winters. All proceeds from the raffle will be used to purchase fresh produce for the Ridgefield Family Resource Center during winter months when gleaning is over for the season.

Thanks to Tony Zebrun of the Starliner Cafe, who donates space in his refrigerator to store perishable produce during the time the Resource Center is not open.

Ridgefield Community Gleaners are volunteers who collect vegetables and fruit from local gardens to provide to Ridgefield families who are supported by the Ridgefield Family Resource Center. For more information, send inquiries to

Today is the Last Day to Vote

The photo above is the ballot box located just east of the freeway.  It’s in the middle of the cul-de-sac just North of Pioneer Street by the restaurant and gas station.  Ballots can be deposited until 8 PM this evening.  Mail in ballots need to be postmarked with todays date to be valid.  Ballots need to be in the Ridgefield post office by 5 PM today.  People with mail delivery need to have their ballots in the mail box before the regular delivery time.

Yoga for Kids

The students balanced themselves in the tree pose, like a line of somewhat shaky flamingos.  But the smiles on their faces said it all:  they were having a great time.  “Yoga is for everybody and for every body,” said instructor Kristen Matthews.  “I really love working with the kids.  They’re just so fun!”

Students practice the tree pose.


Students make a human mandala.

While there are many yoga classes in the region, few of them focus exclusively on children.  Matthews learned yoga as a child herself, teaching herself yoga poses from a magazine article.  Now she is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) and a Registered Children’s Yoga Teacher, with 595 hours of training.

To study yoga and children’s yoga, Matthews made three trips to India and a trip to Mexico, staying a month at a time.  There, she felt the impact of yoga’s thousands of years of tradition and practice.  Matthews even had the opportunity to have a private teaching with the Dalai Lama at his temple in Dharamshala.

Matthews at the Swag Ashram in Rishikesh, India.

Matthews explained that the teachings of yoga go beyond the poses, or asanas.  “Yoga is not a religion.  It’s not a sport.  The more flexible and capable I am with my body, I can achieve that much more.  I learn how to be peaceful and emotionally stable.”

With three children of her own, she is proud to share the benefits of yoga with kids of all ages.  “I think it’s so important for children to have the tools that yoga gives you,” she said.  “Like ‘I’m having a stressful day, I can meditate it out.’  That’s what we need more of, we need more children who have these skills.”  And judging by the smiles on the faces of her students, there are more children having fun too.

To sign up for Matthews’ children’s or adult yoga classes, register online at, click on Community Education and select Youth Sports.  Classes are listed under Youthful Yoga

Myrtle’s has a new look!

Myrtle’s Tea House is reopening November 14 as Myrtle’s Tea House & Home Décor.

Come enjoy delicious homemade scones paired with a pot of your favorite tea, or try the new teas that have been added to the list! Be sure to explore the refreshed gift shop with all your favorite tea time goodies, plus a fine selection of home decor necessities!

No reservations are needed. Myrtle’s is open noon to 5:00, Wednesday through Saturday, and is located at 321 North 3rd Avenue.

Meet the Drapers

Draper Orthodontics has been an FYI advertiser for the last five years, and has just renewed for another year. I asked Amy Draper to write up information about their business. Here’s what she wrote:


   “Draper Orthodontics is located just up the road in Woodland and has been serving the Ridgefield community for the past six years.  Dr. Draper and his family are Ridgefield residents and love to support the schools and the community of Ridgefield.  

   If you are interested in braces or Invisalign for yourself or your children, please give us a call and we will gladly set up a complimentary consolation to meet with you.

   At Draper Orthodontics, we pride ourselves in giving our patients the individualized care they deserve and love the small town feel of our office and community.  We pride ourselves in treating each patient as our own family.

Mention that you saw this advertisement on FYI98642 and receive $500 off full orthodontic treatment for all new patients starting in 2018.

Smile With Us Ridgefield!”

Ridgefield High School Partners with Providence to Offer Free Youth Heart Screenings

Ridgefield High School is partnering with Providence Heart Institute (PHI) to offer all students in grades 9-12 a free heart screening during the month of November.  PHI’s program, called Play Smart, will provide screenings on November 9th and November 30th from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm in the Auxiliary Gym at Ridgefield High School.

To receive the free screening, students must complete a Consent Form and Questionnaire and submit them to the RHS Athletic Office.  The forms are available here:  Consent Form and Questionnaire.

The Play Smart Youth Heart Screenings Program has been extremely successful in screening over 25,780 youth and identifying 1,328 students (6% to date) for further follow-up treatment.  Young people with undiagnosed heart defects, especially athletes, are susceptible to sudden cardiac arrest.  Often, there are no advance signs or symptoms.  An electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG) is usually necessary to reveal signs of heart irregularities, something not normally done in “well-child” checks or routine physical exams.

Play Smart heart-health screenings are free, painless and non-invasive.

For more information about the Play Smart Youth Heart Screenings Program, visit their website at

Robotics Team Runs on Student and Mentor Power

When you think of robotics teams, you might think of BattleBots, the television show with robot combat.  “They spend $40K, $60K, $80K for these really fancy robots,” said Jeff Brink, the robotics team advisor at Ridgefield High School.  “Then they crush them and break them.”  But what if robots were builders instead of destroyers?  Now you have the concept of the STEEL Ridge Robotics team.

STEEL Ridge Robotics takes part in the national FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) program.  FIRST works to get more students of all ages into STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers by inspiring their interest and participation in activities like robotics.  At the high school level, students are designing robots for cool, interesting, science-based games.

This year’s theme is Destination Deep Space, honoring the 50th anniversary of the moon landing.  In just six weeks, students will work with their mentors to build a robot that can accomplish the mission’s goals.  Previous years’ themes have included Steampunk (building a working airship), PowerUp (navigating through video game type activities), and Stronghold (storming the castle).

Students work together to problem-solve during competition.


Students, coaches and mentors work together on the competition floor.


STEEL Ridge Robotics’ team for Girls Generation, a competition focused on ensuring STEM equity.

Mentors are a critical part of the robotics team.  Adult mentors work with the team all year on a wide range of activities, including robot design, mechanism builds, and business plan creation.  Mentors come from many different fields, from electrical engineering to media, from computer programming to graphics, and they are always glad to bring more mentors aboard.  “These people are amazing, all the stuff that they can do.  Without them, our program doesn’t go anywhere,” Brink explained.

Competing is expensive; registration for all the season events is $10,866, which includes a basic robot kit.  While they do have some grants to support the team, they welcome local sponsors and donations as well.  For more information on how you can help, contact Jeff Brink at


Thought for the Week

You bought a lottery ticket, right? Rushed out there and grabbed one in hopes it could make your life better? Even though your one ticket may not win, you did it anyway, because it’s worth a shot, right?

So did you vote?

There’s still time. Mail your ballot so it’s postmarked today and you may be the tie breaker. You may also drop the ballot in the box at the Pioneer Street exit, east of I-5, at the end of North 1st Circle.

A Final Word on I-1531

Tuesday of  this week is  the final day for voting. Many election issues seem very mean spirited and ugly this year.  In any case, it will  soon be over.   Initiative I-1531 was looking good in the polls at the beginning of October. However, the campaign against this initiative has now spent more than 31.5 million dollars and it has been almost all the big oil companies.  They have all those ads on TV and the big glossy mailers telling everyone how unfair it is and how much more we are all going to pay.  The reason big oil is fighting this initiative is because they see it as a threat.

We must stop increasing the levels of CO2 in our atmosphere and in our oceans.  The report issued  On October  by the International Panel On Climate Change  stated that we need to act very soon, within the next 12 years, to avoid some very serious consequences.  The Journal Nature published a new study on October 31 that says  that the amount of heat being put into our oceans is underestimated by as much as 60% and it will be even harder to meet the goals of the Paris Accords.

A comment about what the graph at the top of the page shows:   The level of CO2 is now well over 400 parts/million.  It is increasing at about 5% each decade.  The resident time of CO2 in the atmosphere is a very long time.  Even if we completely stop putting CO2 in the atmosphere, the level of CO2 will stay above 400 PPM for some time.  There is a lag time between adding CO2 into the atmosphere and oceans and its effects.  Thus, we need to act very soon.

One of the arguments against I-1531 is that it will raise rates.  But considering the future costs of not doing anything at all, that does not seem so bad.  If I 1531 turns out to be terrible, something can always be done, including an initiative to repeal it.  If we wait too long with emissions, there will be no repeal.

Contributed by Paul Snoey