Port Inks Agreement

Port of Ridgefield

The execution of an Inter-local Agreement between the Port of Ridgefield and the wastewater district at the port’s last commission meeting formalized a money-saving deal for a new, permanent sewer pump station to serve downtown Ridgefield now, and into the future.

The district has agreed to reimburse the port around $250,000 of the approximately $500,000 pump station construction cost, and the port will upgrade the pump station to district standards, and include the additional capacity necessary to accommodate the entire future downtown Ridgefield flow.

The port and the wastewater district’s partnership in the construction of a single, larger pump station will accommodate development of the port’s waterfront property – Millers’ Landing – and the final phase of the district’s Discovery Corridor Wastewater Transmission System (DCWTS) project. Additionally, the change would mean the district would only need to maintain one pump station in downtown Ridgefield, not two – a cost savings to the district and its ratepayers.

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