Priscilla Pig Food Donatons to End November 15

Priscilla’s pig food container will be sealed November 15,  so please bring your collection jars to the library before then.

A contest to guess how much money was raised will run from November 16 through the 30th. It costs $5 to enter the guessing contest, and the person who comes closest to the exact number will win half the contest money. Vote as many times as you want, just attach a $5 bill or check to each entry form and deposit it in the green box at the library. Sorry, you have to be 18 or older to enter the contest.

Just so you know – a $100 bill was donated, so we know there’s more than that in the carboy.

Winner of the contest will be announced at 2:00 at the library booth on December 7 at Hometown. Money will be split in case of a tie.

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