RBA Meeting on Wednesday

The Ridgefield Business Association monthly meeting is this Wednesday September 25th at 5:30pm. The guest speaker will be Ridgefield City Council member Sandra Day. She will present a PowerPoint program discussing “Economic Benefits of Parks and Trails – Choices by Businesses”.

The meeting is at Metro Bistro & Wine Bar, 112 South Main Avenue. Please note that this is an earlier starting time.

The good people behind the “Thanksgiving Baskets” in Ridgefield are starting the effort to collect items and resources for this very successful program and will describe what they do. Last year they were able to deliver over 35 meals to families!  Please help.  For more information, and to donate, call Leanne Lefebvre 360-624-0454.

The Thanksgiving basket program started years ago when a group of families in the north end of Ridgefield decided their children should learn the value of giving to others. They prepared dinner for families who were having economic difficulties. The program grew and grew, and got so big the group decided to ask the community for donations. If you are one of our new families in town, this is a good way to get to know folks in your new town.

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