Renew Your Auto License Locally

Mark Eaton of Ridgefield Junction Auto License (an FYI sponsor) sent the following information:

“Where do you want your money to go?  Do you want it to replace ferry vessels in the Seattle area or would you rather your dollars stay local and support your local business and community?  It is your choice.

January renewals through the county office in Clark County will now come with an additional service fee.  Between Oct 12 and Dec 31, 2014, if a customer renews a vehicle registration expiring January 1, 2015 or later, the $5 service fee will apply at the county agent office.

As a Subagent we have a Subagent fee that is equal to the $5 service fee.  The service fee at the county office will be used to replace ferry vessels in the Seattle area.  The Subagent fee, that we have always charged as a private business, stays right here in your community.  More details about the latest passed bill;  ESSHB 1129 – Ferry Vessel Replacement”

For more information visit Mark’s website,

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