Report to the Community: Ridgefield Library Building Project.

Walls are down to the studs!

A little over ten percent of the renovation project is complete. You may not have seen much happening on the outside, but the demolition company, the Wrecking Crew, has been very busy on the inside of the building. The interior has been reduced to the studs. The north hip roof will come off soon to extend the west roof line up to the sidewalk. The east roof will be removed in its entirety to raise the inside space approximately two feet.

Getting ready for plumbing

In addition to the demolition work, the same company is preparing the site for the plumbers. They have cut the floor to allow for new plumbing in the areas that need underground drain lines. You may have noticed that Main Street was closed for a day or two just a while ago. A new two-inch water line was brought into the property. Plumbers were on site the day after Labor Day starting to put the new pipes in the ground.

With every building project—especially a remodel of an existing building— unexpected or confounding issues will arise. One concern from the beginning was the contaminated ground water from Park Dry Cleaners. This contaminated water exists but is down eight feet. Since there are no excavations over four feet, there is no worry of coming into contact with this area.

To date, all other issues arising from the remodel have been small and easily resolved. Delivering this project within the 270-day timeframe is something everyone is taking seriously. Activity was happening in the building during the Labor Day weekend and Labor Day. Library staff, Friends of the Ridgefield Community Library, and everyone who has helped this dream become a reality should be quite pleased with this remarkable progress!

Thanks to Tevis Laspa for this update.

Money is still needed to complete the library. It’s easy to donate to the library building fund. Send checks to Friends of the Ridgefield Library, PO Box 534, Ridgefield 98642. Donations of $1000 or more will get recognition in the new library. Credit cards are also accepted. Call Cathy at 360-931-0343 to donate by credit card. Naming opportunities are available. What a nice gift this would be to a friend or family member who you want to recognize.

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