Ribbon Cutting at Refuge

To celebrate the recent completion of the project to improve pedestrian access to the headquarters of the Ridgefield National Wildlife offices, project partners and residents are invited to a procession on the newly improved path and a ribbon cutting celebration at the Refuge.

The procession will meet on Friday, February 14th at 1:00pm at Overlook Park in downtown Ridgefield and walk north on Main Avenue about one mile to the refuge. The path will follow the newly constructed sidewalk and pass over the new and improved Gee Creek crossing. At the Refuge, a brief presentation and ribbon cutting at 1:30pm will conclude the procession. If you prefer not to hike, you may park at the Refuge and meet the procession for the ribbon cutting at 1:30pm.

The completion of this major project improves access to the Refuge and further links the Refuge with its local community. When the Carty Lake Trail opens for the season in May, walkers will be able to complete a 4.8 mile loop through Downtown Ridgefield, the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge, and the Port of Ridgefield. The loop will serve as a tour of the heart of Ridgefield and offers views of historic downtown buildings, Gee Creek, the Cathlapotle Plankhouse, Carty Lake, and Lake River.

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