Ridgefield Elementary Teachers Celebrate End of School Year with Car Parades

The last day of school is usually a fun day, with class parties, snacks, and games, but with this year’s shift to online school, making the last day special was a challenge.  So the teachers at Union Ridge and South Ridge Elementary Schools decided to end the year with a car parade through their students’ neighborhoods.

The teachers at Union Ridge were excited when they started lining up their cars.  “We should be loud!” one of them said.  “I want the kids to hear us coming!”  They were ready to make some noise with songs playing from car stereos, horns honking, and plastic noisemakers clapping.

The teachers’ cars were brightly decorated with signs, balloons, flags, and decorations.  One car even had a giant inflatable rubber duck on the roof.  Some teachers had the names of all of the students in their class written on their windows.  And there were many good wishes:  “Last Day of School!”  “Tater Tots Rock!”  “Have a Great Summer!” and even “Parent Report Card:  A+!”

The students were happy to see their teachers again from a safe distance.  In neighborhood after neighborhood, kids stood on the sidewalk with their families, waving happily as their teachers drove past.  It was a different way to mark the last day of school, but it was still a celebration.

Many thanks to Union Ridge and South Ridge Elementary School teachers and staff for finding a way to make the end of school special.

Teachers decorated their cars with signs and balloons to mark the special day.


Some signs recognized the students’ “graduating” to the next grade.


Families lined the parade route to wave to teachers.


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