Ridgefield Forward 2020 Victory Garden Contest Winners

Least Water Usage: 1st place – Christopher Dudley, honorable mentions – Bill Baumann, Cassandra Stone and Tara Nathan

Most Visually Stunning: 1st place – Maureen O’Reilly, 2nd place – Phyllis & Frank Vidin, honorable mentions – Jan Haig, Chris Bidleman, Marie Edwards, Melissa Terrell

Best Garden in Which to be a Kid: 1st place -Tiffany Ketterman, 2nd place -Amanda Ronstadt, 3rd place – Cassandra Stone

Most Biodiversity: 1st Place – Marie Edwards, 2nd place – Melissa Merrell, 3rd place -Curt Pemberton, honorable mentions – Maureen O’Reilly, Cassandra Stone

Most Improved: 1st place – Angie Prue, 2nd place – Jan Haig, 3rd place – Maureen O’Reilly

Best Use of a Small Space: 1st place – Angie Prue, 2nd place – Tara Nathan, 3rd place – Curt Pemberton, honorable mentions – Marie Edwards, Jan Haig, Amanda Ronstadt

Food Theme: 1st place – Cassandra Stone, 2nd place – Melissa Merrell, honorable mentions – Bill Baumann, Tara Nathan, Marie Edwards, Amanda Ronstadt

Greatest Food Production: 1st place – Bill Baumann, 2nd place –  Cassandra Stone, 3rd place – Jan Haig, honorable mention – Amanda Ronstadt

Best Youth Garden: 1st place – Cassandra Stone, 2nd place – Curt Pemberton, 3rd place – Amanda Ronstadt, honorable mention – Tiffany Ketterman and Chris Dudley

People’s Choice: 1st place – Angie Prue, 2nd place – Amanda Ronstadt, 3rd place – Maureen O’Reilly

Thanks so much to all who participated and big thanks to our awesome judges- City Councilor Sandra Day, Ridgefield Resource Center Director Christine Poppert, Ridgefield Forward Volunteer Tracy Ceravolo and Lava Java owner Phuong Tran.

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