Ridgefield Neighbors Food Drive

Join Ridgefield Neighbors Food Project – Building Community.  Sharing Food. One Green Bag at a Time.

In summer 2017, Clark County neighbors started Clark County’s first neighborhood-based food donation program to help folks who struggle with hunger. Clark Neighbors Food Project (CNFP) is a revolutionary way to collect food: It’s a donor drive, not a food drive. Instead of asking for one-time contributions of food, Neighborhood Coordinators enlist their neighbors to become long-term Food Donors to provide sustainable food supply for local food pantries. The concept is simple: “Neighbors want to help…we make it easy!”  (We pattern it after similar efforts in Portland, Olympia, Ashland and cities across the country — see http://clarkfoodproject.com/).  Ridgefield Neighbors Food Project began in January of 2018.

It’s amazingly simple. You get a reusable green Neighbor Food Project bag to store food in. Every two months a Neighborhood Coordinator picks up your full Green Bag, leaves an empty Green Bag, and takes all the bags to a site where volunteers box the food. All food collected in Ridgefield goes to Neighbors Helping Neighbors and the Family Resource Center at Ridgefield Schools. Food donors will receive an email reminder so you don’t forget the pickup date. That’s all there is to it.

How much food will people donate? We suggest food donors buy one extra nonperishable food item per week when you go to the market, but it’s really up to you. Some folks will donate a lot, some a little. The amount is not important — as long as you’re participating the Ridgefield Neighbors Food Project will be a success.

Neighbors Want to Help, We Make it Easy!  And that’s our secret: we don’t just help hungry neighbors who receive food—we build connections with neighbors who donate —a true sense of community: the feeling of belonging, of making a difference and on top of that, it’s fun!  Tip for parents: A rewarding activity is to volunteer as a family to give neighbors green bags and pick up food donations. Instill values of fun community service and positive neighborly relationships!

We are currently seeking Neighborhood Coordinators to sign up food donors in Ridgefield neighborhoods.   Contact Bill Baumann at ridgefieldfoodproject@gmail.com.

Pickup Days – 2ND SATURDAY of EVEN months

In 2018 it’s:  Feb 10, Apr 14, Jun 9, Aug 11, Oct 13, Dec 8

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