Ridgefield Seniors for Schools Contribute to the Gleaners

The Ridgefield Seniors for Schools have made a monetary contribution to a local non-profit, Ridgefield Community Gleaners Association. During the gardening season the Gleaners collect delicious fresh food before it can go to waste and get it to people who can use it. Many of those people are clients of the Ridgefield Family Resource Center. When our gardens aren’t flush with fresh food, the Gleaners, through a relationship with our local grocery store Rosauers, purchase fresh food and contribute it to the Family Resource Center.

How did this contribution come about? This PDC registered Seniors Group organized themselves last November to help promote the Ridgefield School Bond. They funded their activities through small contributions from its members. Shortly before the end of the bond promotion campaign (final vote was February 11) they realized they would have some money left over, so at their last meeting on January 30th the group decided to give their remaining funds to a non-profit, which turned out to be the Gleaners. An almost immediate contact with the Gleaners sealed the deal.

But then what? As we all know, the bond did not pass and another campaign would be necessary. So what to do since some funds would be necessary if the seniors were to support the bond effort again. And the seniors were all in wanting to support the schools and the bond. But they had made the promise to make the contribution to the Gleaners, and there was no question that the seniors would make good on their word. So they transferred the money to the Gleaners.

Now there is one more promise the seniors made. And that is to help support the effort to pass the school bond. They intend to keep their promise to do whatever they can for as long as is necessary to pass the school bond.

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