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Ridgefield’s Take Your Parent to School Day an Overwhelming Success

“What did you do at school today?”  It’s usually a parent asking a kid that question.  But for one day a year, Ridgefield parents can find out firsthand by going to school with their child.  Ridgefield’s second annual Take Your Parent to School Day was an overwhelming success, with hundreds of parents coming to schools across the city.

Students at all Ridgefield schools had the opportunity to bring their parents with them for a partial or full day of class.  In most classes, the parents were able to participate alongside their child, with some of them conducting experiments, planning podcasts, or running in gym.

Union Ridge Elementary School broke the record for the largest number of parents participating, with over 300 parents in attendance.  Because the school is already operating at capacity and has limited space, they had to break the parent groups into shifts, with each grade having an assigned time for parent visitation.  Parents were still able to enjoy some time with their children in the classrooms.

South Ridge Elementary School also had a huge turnout, with 200 parents attending.  Principal Jill Neyenhouse led a presentation on social and emotional learning to a lunchroom filled with parents.  Afterwards, they joined their students for the day.

Sunset Ridge Intermediate School had 120 parents attending, and View Ridge Middle School had 70 parents joining their kids.  Twenty-five parents came to Ridgefield High School for activities and classes as well.  At every grade level, parents welcomed the opportunity to see students and teachers in action.  Parent Leslie Koch joined her son, Levi, in choir.  She said, “I love it!  I’m so glad I came.”

While there is only one Take Your Parent to School Day each year, parents are always welcome as volunteers in the schools.  Background checks are required, and volunteer forms can be obtained at the school office.

Union Ridge Elementary experienced a record parent turnout for Take Your Parent to School Day.


Dresden Wachsnicht and his mom, Amy, in Jessica Verpoorten’s kindergarten class at Union Ridge Elementary.


Cooper Miller shares a book with his dad in Josie Bleth’s kindergarten class at Union Ridge Elementary.


South Ridge Elementary parents attended a short presentation on social and emotional learning led by principal Jill Neyenhouse before heading to classrooms to join their students.


Kristi and Chase Evans join other parents and students researching rainforests at Sunset Ridge Intermediate School.


At View Ridge Middle School, eighth grader, Allison Orantes, shows her mom, Kari Edgren, the podcast she is writing with her WIN (What I Need) Time group.


Leslie and Levi Koch before choir class at View Ridge Middle School.

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