Shiny Geranium Update

Paul Snoey and Tevis Laspa began digging out the geraniums at the post office a few weeks ago and on Sunday they finished.  No doubt a few more plants will still come up.   Most of the geraniums on the north side of Pioneer between the roundabout and downtown have been removed.  The rest will be removed with the help of a public works employee.  Of the four acres on Les Greear’s property, four of us plan on treating it twice.

Keith Rutz, the Habitat Restoration Coordinator with the Friends of the Refuge, says that shiny geranium was located and treated in the Carty Unit last year.  He states it is spreading in the refuge along deer trails.  He will return in March and begin treating again.

The surveys done so far have only shown a very limited presence in Ridgefield, so the efforts to contain it seem reasonable.  If the efforts are successful then it makes sense to continue.  If this plant is still expanding in our area then it would not be worth any further effort.

This plant could have a very negative impact on both Allen Canyon Creek and Gee Creek Watersheds.  It is a bit like a little green tsunami, covering the ground so densely nothing else can grow.  According to the US Department of Agriculture, once established, it is unlikely that shiny geranium can be eliminated.    Information from Paul Snoey

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