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During the Ridgefield Shop Local and Save Program the City of Ridgefield is offering utility rebates on your water bills for local receipts. You can earn a credit on your utility bill by buying and eating locally made food and beverages, or by purchasing a gift card from your favorite downtown store. Our local businesses make the possibilities seem endless.

How does it work?
Spend $25 at a local business or restaurant (you can combine two receipts) – the receipt must have the date and business name.

Write your name (as it appears on your utility statement), phone number, and utility account number on the receipt(s).

Scan and email the receipt to or drop off the receipt(s) in a sealed envelope at the gray dropbox in front of City Hall at 230 Pioneer St.

The City of Ridgefield will credit $15 towards your utility bill.

You can earn up to 5 credits per account with a maximum credit of $75 per account. Eligible businesses include any business within the Ridgefield city limits. This program will go from May 1st-June 30th.

You can learn more about the program at

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