SOCKtober Sock Drive Update

Stephanie Brown’s RISE class at Union Ridge Elementary held a SOCKtober Sock Drive in early November to collect socks for the Ridgefield Family Resource Center and the Council for the Homeless.  Last year, they collected 2,000 pairs; this year, the goal was set at 3,000.  With the help of a grant from sock company, Bombas, they came very close to reaching it.

With assistance from student leaders in Mrs. Morris’ and Mrs. Couch’s class 1,694 pairs of socks were collected.  Combined with Bombas’ donation of 1,000 pairs, SOCKtober brought in a grand total of 2,694 pairs of socks.  Half of the donations will be donated to the Ridgefield Family Resource Center and the other half will go to the Council for the Homeless.

Stephanie Brown, Special Education Teacher, is proud of the students in the program and grateful for the donations.  “We can’t wait to do it again next year!” she said.


Stephanie Brown and her students celebrate another successful SOCKtober Sock Drive.

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