Solar Eclipse

On Monday morning August 21th, we are going to have a partial eclipse of the sun. Actually it will be 98.4% covered here in Ridgefield.  It will be 100% if you go to Salem but then there’s all that traffic. Paul Snoey has ordered some solar filters for his cameras and wants to take pictures.

The Methodist church on Hillhurst has invited people to use their parking lot to view the eclipse, and they invite others to view. The library has some viewing glasses for children available to see the eclipse but no scheduled activity.

These are the times:

Start of eclipse is at 9:06 am

Maximum eclipse at 10:19 am

End of eclipse is at     11:38 am

At the beginning of the eclipse the sun will be about 10 degrees south of due east and about 1/3 up from horizon to overhead. At the end of the eclipse it will be about halfway up the sky and further south of due east, so there should be a good view from most places in Ridgefield.

There are lots of warnings about not looking at the sun without eye protection and not taking pictures of the sun without protecting your camera.  If Paul can figure out how to do it, he plans on having his camera hooked up to a laptop for a good view.


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