Some License Fees to Increase

Mark Eaton of Ridgefield Junction Auto License sent me this:

Several fees related to driver and vehicle licensing charged by the Department of Licensing will increase on October 1. These fee increases, passed by the 2012 State Legislature, are required to continue to fund the operation and maintenance of the roads, streets, bridges, ferries, transit systems, and other services that make up our vital transportation system.

Fees related to driver licensing increasing October 1:

Fee prior to Oct. 1       Fee on/after Oct. 1

Driver license fee (original and renewal)   $25 ($5/yr)              45 ($9/yr)

ID card fee (original and renewal)                $20 ($4/yr)             $45 ($9/yr)

CDL fee (original and renewal)                       $61 ($12.20/yr)     $85 ($17/yr)

Driver instruction permit (original and renewal)     $20                 $25

Driver license application/examination                $20                        $35

Duplicate driver license or ID card                          $15                         $20

Abstract of driver’s record                                          $10                         $13

DUI hearing (for administrative suspension)     $200                      $375

Fees related to vehicle licensing increasing Oct. 1:

Fee prior to Oct. 1       Fee on/after Oct. 1

Certificate of Ownership application (title)          $5                       $15

Original issue license plate (except motorcycle)  $0                       $10

Original issue motorcycle license plate                   $0                        $4

Motorcycle replacement plate                                    $2                        $4

Late title transfer penalty                                  $25 to $100         $50 to $125

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