Studball Tournament

This year’s studball competition is titled the SW WA Studball Tournament and has increased from four teams last year to seven teams this year. The teams present will be Woodland, Skyview, Columbia River, Kalama, Hockinson, La Center, and Ridgefield.

The event is taking place this Thursday at Ridgefield High School at 6:00pm, but people can start showing up around 5:30pm.

Like last year, this is a charity event, in which all of the proceeds will go to the charity chosen by the winning team. The team Ridgefield is playing for is our local Compassion 360 foundation.

There will be an admission price, but people are encouraged to donate additional money if they are inclined to do so.

Boosters will be present, meaning concessions will be open if people want to purchase any food or beverages for the game.


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