Students from Union Ridge Plant trees

Several classes of  sixth grade students  from Union Ridge Elementary School planted trees  and other plants along the new section of the Gee Creek trail today.  Along with the other volunteer session done two weeks ago, there should be almost 1,000 trees and other plants put in by the Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership.  Part of the reason the Partnership is planting these trees is that Gee Creek is  too warm during the summer.  Trees that make  a shady canopy keep streams cooler.  With the other trees  planted along the creek and the flood plain this year, it  should bring the total to over 1,500 new trees and plants on Gee Creek.  To restore Gee Creek by removing weed species and planting native trees and other plants will require many more hours of brush removal and thousands of new trees.  This is a great start though.

Contributed by Paul Snoey

About Paul Snoey

I have a degree in Biology and Environmental Science from WSU Vancouver
I am very fond of Gee Creek and Allen Canyon Creek and do a lot of volunteer work to restore these creeks.

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