Synopsis of City Council meeting 12/17/15

A) Mark Brown our Washington State lobbyist gave a Legislative update.
B) The 4 newly elected (in this case newly reelected) Councilpersons took the oath of office. They were: Sandra Day, David Taylor, Darren Wertz, Lee Wells
C) Waste Connections gave their annual report, and we thanked them for their continued support for our “clean up day” and “4th of July” participation.
D) Marie Bouvier reported on the Parks Board accomplishments for 2015. Note: I will give a summary of that report in an article to follow.
E) Discussion on the interlocal agreement for joint representation on the C-Tran Board of Directors. A motion to agree was passed.
1) Public Hearing  and discussion on the proposed sub-area plan for 45th & Pioneer. (Note: this was the first hearing)
2) Public Hearing and discussion on the proposed sub-area plan for I-5 Junction. (Note: this was the first hearing)
3) Hearing on notice of Petition to Annex 40.5 acres of Adkins property. Motion made and passed to accept.
4) Discussion & motion to accept new Floating Homes Structure Code for our Marina. This was passed with changes to address time elements. (This also followed a 2nd public hearing)
5) Certain equipment as surplus was authorized for its sale.
6) Appointments to Several Commissions were approved, I will recognize those appointments in a following article.
7) Recognition given to those who have served on those commissions.
Sincerely submitted,
Mayor Ron Onslow, Mayor, City of Ridgefield

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