Thank you!

In the interest of giving credit where credit is due, I’d like to thank the people at the Post Office for (finally) cleaning up their front yard. Here’s the photo I posted early in June, hoping they would take action before the 4th of July parade. What a mess, eh? Not very representative of Ridgefield.

PO weeds before

Today when I walked by the weeds were gone and a heavy layer of mulch was laid down. With the rain/sun combinations we’ve been having lately the garden patch should thrive this summer, and hopefully remain weed-free all year. This is the first year I remember having mulch put down – the soil always looked so bare.

PO Weeds after

Now if some one (or several) would step up to buying a flowering hanging basket for $130 we could bring even more beauty to our city. The cost includes the basket, the hanger to suspend it and watering all summer. Call me if you’d like to step up to the program. The first two people who call will get a $5 discount – and you can choose which pole in the downtown area you’d like to have it displayed.

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