The Ridgefield Lions

Many of our neighbors are aware of the Ridgefield Lions and how they benefit our community. But many don’t know anything about the Lions. Is it a social club? Is it a service club and if so, what do the Lions do? In fact the Lions is the largest service organization in the world. And we in Ridgefield are fortunate to have a very active club that was founded in 1948. Many members have been selflessly serving our community for multiple decades.

So what do the Lions actually do to serve the community and if some of it requires money, where do the funds come from? There are multiple activities the Lions are involved in. Examples are: Clark County sight and hearing, the annual Walk and Knock Food drive, the Green Bag food project that supports the Ridgefield Family Resource Center and Ridgefield Neighbors Helping Neighbors, college scholarships for Ridgefield HS graduating seniors, contributions to HS clubs such as debate and cheerleading, support for the scouts and many other programs. Where there is a need, there is a Lion to help out. Much of the funding the Lions need to support the programs come from our food service in the community. We have a food booth at major activities downtown that include 4th of July, Octoberfest, and other typical First Saturday events. The one big fund raiser is the food booth the Lions operate at the Clark County Fair each year. It, like other events that draw large crowds, has been cancelled for this year.

So we have a big hole in our budget, and that will prevent the Lions from making some of the contributions they have made in the past. We are in the process of brainstorming to come up with ways to fill that hole. And that is the purpose of this post. Do any of you readers have ideas that might make sense for the Lions, considering the virus situation, to pursue to fill the hole? Of course, the Lions being a 501-3c non profit, would happily accept any contributions that would help us carry out our community function.

BTW the Lions, as a civic service to the community, are offering to install flags for anyone that wants one. Just go the the Lions website for details.

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