Thought for the Week

Why we do what we do”

We create.

In order to grasp a clearer sense of that

which stretches out behind.

And from this sighting, spot

those points which help us plot

a course along the path which lies ahead.

And what is this trip, but

sensation and adventure? What is life, but

a search for realization and amazement

among the round, gray rocks

of an eternal seaside? An

entertaining side-trip into a realm

where we imagine ourselves as not

all-powerful and omniscient?

We create.

If you wait for the Muse

to bequeath you your gift

what you desire will never arrive.

We create.

If, along the road, you see

the diamond of your dreams, it’s up to you

to draw it close

or pass it by. It’s your diamond.

Why should it matter

to anyone else what you do with it?

Until you do with it

what you will.

And upon that, for someone else

may rest everything.

We create.

The future

lies only in the realm of magic.

For nowhere else is it to be found.

It is only as

you create

it. And how else

would you describe magic?

Naught but memories inhabit the past.

Nothing living to be found there.

You may as well search the eyes

of those you see along the way

for the ghosts of lovers who have

long since left the room.

Many do. And live lost in the search.

We create.

We dance on metaphysical toes

across a very personal universe.

We do what we do

for love of the dance.

– Michael Graves

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