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This was a Letter to the Editor, the Columbian, September 12, 2019. I agree wholeheartedly!

“We visited the Clark County Parade of Homes in Camas yesterday. The homes are impressive and the views breathtaking, but I am so disappointed. With all the money invested in these homes, there was absolutely no emphasis on forward thinking. Where are the solar roofs, sustainable or recycled material, examples of responsible use of resources?

The time of building with 14 foot ceilings, outdoor heaters and walls of south-facing windows should be over, considering we are dealing with a changing climate. We need examples of attractive designs that do not abuse the planet and will make it possible for the next generations to survive. In a better world, the Parade of Homes and the Street of Dreams would be an example of more sustainable and environmentally friendly building.

As a consumer, I don’t need to see another impressive but drafty great room, or a shower that takes 20 minutes of hot air to dry itself after use. I need to see that you can live in beautiful surroundings with smarter and more modern features. Eventually we will all have to step back from excessive consumerism, and if builders don’t start offering and buyers don’t start demanding smarter luxury living, they are being shortsighted and irresponsible.

~ Maria Ernst, The Columbian, September 12, 2019

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