Traffic this Week

All-Way Stop at Hillhurst and Royle – A traffic change is coming to the Hillhurst at Royle intersection to help maintain worker, motorist and bicyclist safety.  There will be a lot of activity this summer so we believe this will help keep things moving while keeping everyone safe.

An all-way stop condition, similar to 9th and Pioneer, will be initiated at Hillhurst and Royle on approximately Thursday, May 24.  Traffic will now need to stop in all directions.  This traffic control will remain in place until the traffic signal is installed and operational later this summer in August.  This will help with cars trying to turn between Hillhurst and Royle along with construction vehicles entering and leaving the RORC site and improve safety overall with all of the activity going on in the area.

South Hillhurst Road Between So. Hawk Place and NW Carty Road – one lane closure and flagging on Thursday to install a 4 way stop at Hillhurst and Royle.  Shoulder work the rest of the week. This work is to make improvements in front of the new schools and recreation complex including road widening, sidewalks, landscaping, and street lighting, and a stoplight at the intersection of Hillhurst & Royle.

South Hillhurst Road Between NW Carty Road and NW 229th Street- One lane closure with flagging planned for Monday for sewer work for the Kennedy Subdivision.

Royle Road from the intersection with Hillhurst Road approximately 500 feet – one lane closure with flagging. This project is utility relocation in support of the Hillhurst frontage improvements and the Royle & Hillhurst intersection improvements.

So. Hillhurst Road, So. Sevier Road and So. Nighthawk Road – shoulder work only. This work is being completed in conjunction with the Taverner Ridge Phase 10 & 11 project, and will complete frontage improvements on both Hillhurst and Sevier. The existing narrow width of Sevier will make traffic conditions challenging, but after completion Sevier will be a full width road with sidewalks and planter strips on both sides.

S 9th Avenue- Sporadic flagging and traffic impacts for sidewalk repairs.

NW 229th – Shoulder Work. Paving was completed as part of the future Kennedy Farms subdivision. This week work will be confined to the shoulders and no flagging is anticipated. When the work is complete the road will be newly paved, with sidewalks, street lights, and street trees.

Pioneer and 35th Avenue –  sporadic and minimal traffic impacts as striping and final curbs are completed. The road is closed to north and south traffic. When the work is complete, there will be a new roundabout.

South 5th Street and So. 65th Avenue – shoulder work with intermittent lane closures and flagging. A contractor working for Comcast will be completing improvements to existing overhead utility lines.

This is the most current information available to City staff at this time. Construction schedules are subject to change based on weather conditions, supply availability, unexpected conditions and other factors that may impact the work underway.

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