True Story from the Ridgefield Police

        Officer Wattson

Last night was a cool and crisp fall evening when Officer Wattson was working the swing shift in the greater Ridgefield Metropolitan Area. The radio, burbling with activity in different jurisdictions, urgently directed Officer Wattson to the area of 50th and Pioneer for an “Animal Problem.” Officer Wattson arrived and  learned a motorist had accidently struck an owl with their car. Officer Wattson carefully positioned his police car in a manner to buffer the owl and “keep the little fella safe.” He then spoke words of reassurance to the owl, referred by Officer Wattson as Hedwig (from Harry Potter fame).

With the help of Officer Wattson’s words of gentle encouragement, Hedwig the Owl was able to recover from the collision and fly off into the night. Officer Wattson was also able to comfort the driver who was shaken by the whole incident. The driver, now calmed, was able continue on their journey. Thank you Officer Wattson for your care taking off all of Ridgefield’s Residents. Today you have earned the “Be Kind, This is Ridgefield” shout out recognition. –Chief Brooks

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