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Update on the Library

The following is an update of what’s happening with the library from Amerlia Shelley, Executive Director.

I have been remiss in writing to you, I know how much you care about our libraries. First and foremost, I want to express my gratitude for your on-going support, and hope you and your family have all been safe and healthy.

The first thing I can share is that our libraries are approved to begin curbside service as part of Phase 2!

The Governor has indicated that libraries will be able to open in Phase 3, but we do not yet have any indication what that might mean in terms of access. We are planning for limited access at first and adding services as we are able based on keeping our staff and our users safe. It’s hard for us to limit anyone’s access to our libraries, but we also understand the risk and reward of our behavior in this crisis. We appreciate your patience and will help you as we can.

COVID-19 has complicated our lives, slowing things down and making it difficult for us to work on anything other than our recovery response. We are moving along on our three library projects. Ridgefield is slated to go to bid in June, the Board will vote on going forward at their meeting on June 15.

Our staff has been busy planning and training for our return, which we hope will be soon. While we are closed, we have a lot of wonderful virtual programs going on, including our Conversation Circles. These are all led by our wonderful and dedicated volunteers who are now conducting their Circles via Zoom. A full list of programs is available on our website.

I don’t know when we will be able to invite volunteers back into our buildings to assist us, but please know that as soon as we can, we will. We depend on our volunteers for so many important activities. Our Foundation may have different needs and we will rely on them to communicate their needs to Sherry who will communicate with you.

We miss all of you and encourage you to reach out to me or your branch librarian with any questions you might have for us. We hope to see you soon – curbside!


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