Update on the Library

If you haven’t been by the construction site lately, you’ll be surprised to see that the structure looks nothing like the former Ridgefield Community Center. The building now reveals the shape and dimensions of your new library! Most noticeable are the striking roof design and large windows that will make this one-story library feel expansive and open.

This is the architectural rendering of the new library as it faces Mill Street.

And this is what the building looks like as of October 31, 2020.

Union Corner Superintendent, Rick Samaduoff, provided a brief overview of what’s been happening during October. Currently the raised roof structure is being installed over the adult fiction area. This is the area where the roof trusses were completely removed in the old community center to allow the roof to be raised for a lighter, airier feeling. There are new 27-inch glulam beams installed running east to west. On top of that, 2 ½ inch tongue-and-groove decking was installed. Plywood and six inches of rigid insulation will be installed over the decking. Finally, a thick roof membrane will be glued down and screwed in place. That should allow the building to be dried in by November 10.

The existing roof on the Main Avenue side is currently being supported by a temporary wall. There is a 30-inch glulam beam running north and south. This beam will hold up the east and west roof permanently, allowing the temporary wall to be removed. The roughed-in plumbing is complete. Roughed-in electric and HVAC (heat, ventilation and air conditioning) systems are targeted for completion in mid-November. And all those marvelous windows are coming soon.

Here’s another architectural rendering of your library from a Main and Mill vantage point. Isn’t this exciting?


  1. paul snoey says

    A library is a special place. I grew up in Camas and remember the library with fondness. It was quiet, had big glass windows that let in a lot of light, and had a unique slightly musty smell. I liked the science and science fiction sections and would snuggle in a corner and thrill at the adventures both real and imagined.
    It’s a good thought that the new library will create those spaces. Thanks for the tireless devotion that many have put in to making the new library a reality. Good job!

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