Update on the Library

If the rainy autumn weather has thwarted any of your outdoor projects, you’ll understand that the swift pace we’ve seen on the library construction project has been dampened. But just a bit!

Rick Samaduoff, the site manager, and Ryan Edwards, Rick’s assistant, (both of Union Corner Construction) kindly provided this update.

Three weeks of rain could have spelled disaster for the adult fiction area. This area has large fir glulam beams topped by vertical-grain fir roof substrate. Luckily, the rain did not penetrate the plastic sheeting used to protect the wood from being water stained. During a weekend break in the weather, crews worked Saturday and Sunday to install a new, super-thin membrane roof. There are now roof drains in the corners that dump the rainwater into the storm drainage system underground.

Protecting this magnificent wooden ceiling from rainwater damage was paramount.

Before any windows can be mounted, a blue waterproofing/vapor barrier paint system must be installed. This product is called DryVit. The seams are sealed with a fabric tape, then two coats of paint are applied. This material replaces the tar paper or plastic Tyvek that is commonly found in residential construction. In the photo on the roof (below), you can see the new windows being installed.

Whether the day is sunny or cloudy, natural light will flood the center of the library

By the end of November, work should have started on installing a metal roof on the steeper roof sections. The rough installation of the fire sprinkler system should be finished, and other ground-level windows should be installed.

Unless, of course, the weather has other plans for our spectacular library’s progress! Keep your fingers crossed!

~ by Tevis Laspa

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