Update on the Salmon Incubator

Paul Snoey writes: On Wednesday morning, January 11th, the Lewis River Hatchery called to let me know I needed to pick up the salmon eggs for the incubator at Rieman Road.  We were told earlier that they would be available at the end of January.  With the cold and deep snow it was a challenge to get the eggs in the incubator.

They were well developed but it stayed cold through the end of January and the first week of February and they didn’t develop.  It finally warmed up this week with the heavy rain.

When I checked the incubator this morning the eggs had almost entirely hatched and most had dropped down through the grating.  A small group was still on top of the grating and I was able to get this picture.

They will stay in the incubator living off their yolk sacs for several weeks.  When ready they will swim out the overflow and into the stream.   They will stay in the creek for about a year and then head down the Columbia River to the ocean.

Last year was the first year for the incubator on Rieman Road and it was very successful putting thousands of fish into the stream.  This year should be a success as well.    In March groups of juvenile fish should begin appearing in Abrams Park.  Last year many seemed to like hanging out under the bridges going into Abrams Park.

It’s exciting to think that in a couple of years some adults may return.    We are most appreciative of Mike and Linda McCanta for letting us have the incubator on their property.

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