What Makes Ridgefield so Special #2

Paul Snoey was walking back into town about noon, when he saw that Lefty Kraus had lost some of his wood going over the asphalt curb. The two vehicles behind immediately pulled over and helped him get it all back in his truck. Paul said everyone was smiling too; and he thought it fit in with my post this morning about what’s special about Ridgefield. So this will be part two of ‘What Makes Ridgefield so Special.’



  1. Amy draper says

    How fun that you caught this little moment! I don’t know the guy with the wood but he was so kind. As my daughter threw some wood in his truck he jokingly said, “did you put that piece in backwards?” 😉 my daughter had to think for a minute then she laughed with him. We love Ridgefield!

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