What Makes Ridgefield so Special? #5

From a post on Next Door from Mark Ford

I love Ridgefield…

Yep, I do. I love the roundabouts where I seldom even have to stop. I love the schools. I love the city government. Great people trying their best. I love all the new homes filled with fine and good families with beautiful children. I love the fact that even though we are growing fast I am basically never stuck in any traffic. I love that my house is worth so much more than I paid not very long ago. I love that the water is relatively good and that the crime rate is so low. I love that kids can play on my street with little to fear. I love my neighbors. I love the first Saturday events and the great things the city puts together. I love the businesses that are coming soon and the ones we have so far. I love how clean it is. I love the people here. I love Ridgefield.

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