What Makes Ridgefield so Special?

Hanging Baskets! They’re back up for the season, and even bigger now than when this picture was taken a week ago.

For years the Garden Club ladies bought the plants, watered and fertilized and dead-headed them using a water tank pulled by a tractor. When traffic got heavy in the early morning they started watering the baskets by hand, standing on a ladder to reach them. Soon that became too much, and for several years there were no hanging baskets in downtown Ridgefield.

Then a couple of years ago, a Garden Club member noticed the lush hanging baskets outside the building next to the Post Office, and found out who was maintaining them. Steve Cox of the Main Street Program took it from there, and the baskets you see now are paid for through a joint effort by the Main Street Program, the Garden Club, and the City of Ridgefield.

The Garden Club ladies still buy the  plants for the planter boxes downtown and water them all summer. Believe me, it’s a lot of work.

That’s one thing that makes Ridgefield so special – more to follow.

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