What’s Happening at the New Ridgefield Community Library?

In the last 3 weeks, the former Ridgefield Community Center building has changed in undeniable ways! Perhaps now you can imagine how much bigger and better the new Ridgefield Community Library will be.

The exterior “skin” of the building has been removed including siding, windows, and doors. Approximately 50% of the roof structure has also been removed in anticipation of raising the roof to make the new library open and airy.

Supporting the new roof will be new steel vertical supports that will hold a new large glulam beam in the center of the building running north and south. This beam will support the east and west roof trusses. The west roof trusses will be reused; the east trusses will be new.

The contractor spokesman—Ryan—from Union Corner Construction, explained their next steps. Through the end of October, their focus will be on the plumbing and electrical infrastructure. This means that all the pipes and cables will be run to their end points. The outlets, switches, lights, toilets, sinks, and other bits are not installed until after insulation and sheetrock installation.

The window contractor is also expected to install windows towards the end of the month.

We have all worked a very long time for this new, bigger, and better Ridgefield library. The evidence of our collective vision (and fortitude to see it through) is now incontrovertible. It’s happening, library lovers!

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