Will your business appear on the 2016 RBA map?

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2016 is the start of something NEW.  It is the first year we have the opportunity to bring businesses and our beautiful community of Ridgefield together on a professionally crafted, double-sided map with Marketing Solutions NW.  Over 6500 copies will be printed with our maps being displayed not only in Ridgefield but also Battleground, Woodland, Kalama, and LaCenter!

RBA MISSION:  “Dedicated to bringing the businesses and community to Ridgefield together.”

WHAT WE DO: The Ridgefield Business Association supports local businesses and our growing community. RBA Annual membership runs January 1st to December 31st.

​​All display ads will be in full color. Marketing Solutions NW produces all artwork free of charge and you will see a proof before printing. There are various ad sizes and prices and, of course, prime locations on the map. David Baker of Marketing Solutions NW will be in touch with members of the Ridgefield Business Association in the near future to discuss advertising options, so if you want your business to show on the map, join or renew your membership in the RBA by clicking here. Artwork for the map is due before February 15.

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