Wood Bat Baseball Coming to Ridgefield

A press release from the mayors of towns and cities in Clark County:

As Mayors and County Council Chair in Clark County, we are individually and collectively excited that high quality summer collegiate wood bat baseball is coming to Clark County. News from the West Coast League that they are adding an expansion team in our market, to begin play in the spring of 2019, is just another example of the great progress we are making to provide top flight entertainment for our residents throughout the region.

Ridgefield Mayor Don Stose is “excited to host the region’s baseball team at the new Ridgefield Outdoor Recreation Complex’s 1,800-seat stadium field, and we look forward to having people from across the County come to Ridgefield for games.”

“I’m sure many people in our City and region – including Terry and I – are looking forward to grabbing a hotdog and watching the games,” added Vancouver Mayor Anne McEnerny-Ogle.

For Clark County Council Chair Marc Boldt, “it’s been a long-term effort to attract a team to our area, so we’re glad the West Coast League recognized the great interest and support for baseball in Clark County, and especially look forward to our team beating built-in rivals in Portland, Cowlitz, and beyond.” Congratulations to all those who helped make this day a reality. We look forward to our team’s first opening day in 2019.

Take me out to the ball game…


  1. Ken Morrill says

    Does the Ridgefield Team have a website, yet..I know you are “Brand New” in just the last couple weeks, but i was hoping to follow the journey from the beginning…

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