Woody Debris in Lake River

This morning’s incoming tide carried  a stream of woody debris in Lake River. The woody material likely was deposited in Lake River and the Columbia from the flooding we had in February. The high water this week set a lot of it in motion.  A lot of debris jammed up against the fire department boat-house and this morning personnel were working to push it away from the entrance.   The tide crested about 10:30 AM and then Lake river should reverse flow.  The tide will come in again Friday morning and Lake River and the Columbia should crest at just over 13 feet tomorrow morning,  Then, the rivers should begin to drop.  For a few days, we can expect this debris to create jams at  the marina and the boat launch.

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I have a degree in Biology and Environmental Science from WSU Vancouver
I am very fond of Gee Creek and Allen Canyon Creek and do a lot of volunteer work to restore these creeks.

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