4 Missouri Cities Rank Among the Most Dangerous Cities in America.

Missouri is home to several cities that have been identified as among the most dangerous in the United States. According to a recent report, four Missouri cities have made the list of the most dangerous cities in America. These cities are St. Louis, Springfield, Nevada, and Kennett. This article will explore the reasons behind these cities’ high crime rates and the measures being taken to address the issue.

St. Louis

St. Louis is the most dangerous city in Missouri and one of the worst in the US for crime, with a crime rate 234% above the national average. Despite its rich history and cultural attractions like the Gateway Arch and the St. Louis Art Museum, the city struggles with high rates of violent crime, including homicides and robberies.

Central St. Louis and downtown are especially known for high crime rates. In particular, the Gravois Park neighborhood has a crime rate 323% higher than the national average.


Springfield, Missouri’s third-largest city, has beautiful parks and a vibrant cultural scene. However, it is also the second most dangerous city in the state.

Some neighborhoods experience high rates of property crimes like burglary and theft. On average, a crime happens every 45 minutes in Springfield. Residents also face risks of violent crimes such as assault and murder.


Another dangerous city in Missouri is Nevada. If you’re visiting Missouri, you might skip this city. Although Nevada has interesting historical sites like the Bushwhacker Museum, it has a very high crime rate, including both violent and property crimes. Nevada’s crime rate is 204% higher than the national average.


Kennett is one of the most dangerous cities in Missouri. Located in the southwestern part of the state, it ranks as the fourth most dangerous city. Despite being small and rural, Kennett struggles with high crime rates. The main issues are drug-related offenses and property crimes, with larceny, burglary, and robbery making up about 75% of all crimes in the city.

What Measures Are Being Taken to Improve Safety in These Cities

To improve safety in the cities of St. Louis, Springfield, Nevada, and Kennett, Missouri, several measures are being taken:

1. Engineering Countermeasures: Highway design and traffic engineering projects are being implemented to mitigate hazardous moving violations and improve road safety. These projects include corridor studies, intersection improvements, operational analysis, sign inventories, pedestrian/bike route analysis, and parking studies.

2. Law Enforcement and Enforcement Programs: Evidence-based traffic safety enforcement programs are being implemented, focusing on preventing traffic violations, crashes, and incidents. These programs include mobilizations, such as impaired driving and occupant protection mobilizations, as well as dedicated DWI/Traffic activities and multi-jurisdictional task forces.

3. Public Education and Awareness: Public awareness campaigns are being conducted to educate drivers about safe driving practices, such as the “Buckle Up, Phone Down” program and nighttime seat belt enforcement. These campaigns aim to reduce fatalities and serious injuries on Missouri roadways.

4. Data Analysis and Evaluation: Comprehensive data sources are being used to analyze traffic crash statistics and identify trends, areas of improvement, and potential countermeasures. This data analysis helps in developing effective strategies to reduce fatalities and serious injuries.

5. Community Outreach and Collaboration: Community outreach programs are being implemented to engage local residents in highway safety initiatives. These programs involve collaboration with state and local government agencies, as well as with the Missouri Coalition for Roadway Safety.

6. Highway Safety Grants and Funding: Federal funding is being channeled to the state from the Section 402 Highway Safety Program within the U.S. Department of Transportation. This funding supports the development of countermeasure projects to address traffic crash issues.

These measures aim to reduce the high crime rates and improve overall safety in these Missouri cities.


The four Missouri cities of St. Louis, Springfield, Nevada, and Kennett have been identified as among the most dangerous cities in America. These cities have struggled with high rates of violent and property crime, which has contributed to their high crime rates. While the cities are working to address these issues through increased law enforcement presence and community programs, more needs to be done to ensure the safety of their residents.

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