America’s #2 Most Dangerous Small Town is in Pennsylvania.

In a recent report analyzing crime rates across Pennsylvania, Darby, a small town in Delaware County, has emerged as the 2nd most dangerous city in the state. This revelation sheds light on the concerning levels of crime within this community and raises questions about safety and security for its residents.

The Disturbing Statistics

According to the data collected, Darby has a crime rate of 3,617 incidents per 100,000 people, painting a grim picture of the town’s safety landscape. The report highlighted that high poverty rates and limited job opportunities often correlate with increased rates of violent crimes like homicides and other criminal activities. Despite efforts to address these issues, Darby continues to face significant challenges in curbing crime.

What Are the Most Common Types of Crime in Darby, Pa

The most common types of crime in Darby, PA, based on the provided sources, include:

  1. Aggravated Assault
  2. Robbery
  3. Murder and Non-Negligent Manslaughter
  4. Rape

These crimes contribute significantly to the overall crime rate in Darby, highlighting the challenges faced by the community in addressing violent and property crimes.

What is the Crime Rate Trend in Darby, Pa Over the Past Few Years

The crime rate trend in Darby, PA over the past few years shows a fluctuating pattern. According to the data provided, Darby has experienced varying levels of crime rates, with some years showing decreases while others have seen increases in certain types of crimes. For example, in 2020, the overall crime rate fell by 18% compared to 2019, but the number of homicides increased by 5. Similarly, violent crime rates have shown a decreasing trend over the last five years, indicating some progress in addressing certain types of crimes.

What Are the Most Effective Ways to Prevent Crime in Darby, Pa

The most effective ways to prevent crime in Darby, PA, based on the information provided in the sources, include:

Community Engagement and Support: Building strong community relationships and fostering a sense of unity can help create a supportive environment where residents look out for each other and work together to prevent crime.

Enhanced Law Enforcement Presence: Increasing the visibility of law enforcement officers in the community can act as a deterrent to criminal activities and improve response times to incidents, contributing to a safer environment.

Addressing Socioeconomic Factors: Tackling underlying issues such as poverty, unemployment, and lack of opportunities can help reduce crime rates by addressing the root causes that contribute to criminal behavior.

Implementing Crime Prevention Programs: Introducing programs that focus on crime prevention, education, and rehabilitation can help steer individuals away from criminal activities and provide them with alternatives.

Utilizing Technology: Embracing technology for surveillance, crime mapping, and communication can enhance law enforcement capabilities and improve overall safety in the community.

By implementing a combination of these strategies and engaging both residents and authorities in proactive measures, Darby can work towards reducing crime rates and creating a safer environment for its residents.

What Resources Are Available for Community-led Crime Prevention Initiatives in Darby, Pa

In Darby, PA, there are several resources available for community-led crime prevention initiatives:

Office of Violence Prevention (OVP): The OVP in Philadelphia implements strategies and initiatives to prevent, reduce, and end violence in the city. They focus on addressing gun violence, promoting violence prevention citywide, investing in evidence-based practices, and strengthening communities through various programs like the Community Crisis Intervention Program and the Violence Prevention Partnership.

NKCDC, HACE, and Impact Services Collaboration: These organizations have come together to support community residents, organizations, and the police in crime reduction efforts. Through initiatives like the We CAN (Change & Action Now) coalition, they have engaged residents through various activities, including community clean-ups, trauma-informed art workshops, holiday events, and block parties. They also provide support for emergency food distribution, trauma support, and crime prevention through environmental design projects.

Darby Township Resources: Darby Township offers resources to serve the community, including programs like the lead hazard reduction program. These resources aim to support residents and enhance safety within the township.

These resources play a vital role in empowering communities, fostering collaboration between residents and authorities, and implementing effective crime prevention strategies in Darby, PA.


In conclusion, Darby’s ranking as the 2nd most dangerous town in Pennsylvania serves as a wake-up call for both local authorities and residents. It underscores the urgent need for concerted action to tackle crime effectively and restore peace to this community. By acknowledging the challenges at hand and working collaboratively towards solutions, Darby can rewrite its narrative from one of danger to one of resilience and progress.This article reflects on the sobering reality faced by Darby and emphasizes the importance of addressing crime proactively to ensure a safer and more secure future for all who call this town home.

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