These 4 Cities in Ohio Are the Most Unsafe, Says a Study.

A recent study has shed light on the alarming issue of public safety in several Ohio cities. According to the findings, four cities in the state stand out as the most unsafe, raising concerns among residents and local leaders.

Cleveland: A Persistent Challenge

Cleveland, Ohio, stands out as the most dangerous city in the state. With a population of 367,991, it grapples with a notably high rate of violent crimes. Compared to the Ohio state average, Cleveland’s crime rate is 5.5 times higher, and it’s 4.3 times higher than the national average. Contributing factors include widespread poverty, a significant unemployment rate, and issues associated with drug trafficking.

Notably, Cleveland also holds one of the nation’s highest murder rates. Residents face a 1 in 59 chance of experiencing a violent crime. In 2022 alone, the city witnessed 164 murders, 1,505 robberies, and 4,280 assaults, solidifying its reputation as Ohio’s most perilous city in terms of violent crime.

Cincinnati: Troubling Trends

Chillicothe, Ohio, is known as one of the most dangerous cities in the state. Despite its small population of 22,000, it faces significant crime issues. The crime rate in Chillicothe is four times higher than the state average and 3.7 times higher than the national average. One major concern is the prevalence of violent crimes, including a high rate of sexual assault, which is 2.8 times the national average.

In 2020 alone, there were 111 reported violent crimes and 1,432 property crimes in the city. The pervasive drug trade contributes to many of these problems, leading to a disproportionately high number of overdose deaths. Additionally, Chillicothe struggles with poverty, with an 18% poverty rate. Residents face a 1 in 13 chance of becoming victims of any type of crime.

Athens: Cause for Concern

Athens, Ohio, stands as one of the state’s risky cities. With a crime rate of 2,279 per 100,000 people, it poses significant concerns. Despite not holding the top spot for danger, it grapples with severe poverty, hitting a staggering 48.7% poverty rate—more than three times the national average.

The median household income barely scrapes $32,000, nearly 60% below the US average. Housing is a challenge too, with the median home value at $196,000, just 10% lower than the national average. In 2022, the city’s House price to income ratio reached nearly 6.3, significantly higher than the national ratio of 3.6.

Canton: A Worrying Situation

Canton, Ohio, ranks among the most crime-ridden cities in the state, mainly due to its high crime rate. With a population of 70,000, Canton’s crime rate stands at 6,293 per 100,000 people, which is 168% higher than the national average.

In 2022 alone, Canton recorded over 1,000 violent crimes, including 16 murders, 155 robberies, and 729 assaults. Overall, residents face a 1 in 16 chance of falling victim to a crime. Additionally, Canton grapples with significant poverty, boasting a poverty rate of 30% and an unemployment rate of 10%, making it one of the poorest cities in Ohio.


The findings of this study present a troubling picture of public safety in several Ohio cities. While the reasons behind these high crime rates are complex and multifaceted, it is clear that immediate action is needed to address this pressing issue.

Local leaders must work closely with law enforcement, community organizations, and residents to develop and implement comprehensive strategies that prioritize public safety, address the root causes of crime, and ensure that all Ohioans feel secure in their communities. Only through a concerted and collaborative effort can these cities begin to turn the tide and create safer, more vibrant environments for their residents.

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