This Small Donut Shop in Pennsylvania Has Been Named the Best Doughnut Shop

Donuts are one of the most popular and beloved desserts in America. They come in various shapes, sizes, flavors, and toppings, and can satisfy any sweet tooth. But where can you find the best donuts in the country? According to a recent ranking by LoveFood, a food-focused website, the answer is in Pennsylvania.

Beiler’s Doughnuts: A Family Tradition

Beiler’s Doughnuts is a small donut shop that has been operating since 1985 in Philadelphia and Lancaster. It is owned and run by the Beiler family, who are part of the Amish community. They use fresh ingredients and traditional recipes to make their donuts from scratch every day.

The shop is famous for its crème filled powdered donuts, which are soft, fluffy, and generously filled with a smooth and creamy custard. They also offer other varieties, such as glazed, chocolate, apple cider, blueberry, and peanut butter. Customers can also enjoy other baked goods, such as pies, cakes, cookies, and sticky buns.

Beiler’s Doughnuts has received rave reviews from customers and critics alike. It has a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Yelp, based on over 1,500 reviews. It has also been featured in several media outlets, such as 93.3 WMMR, The Philadelphia Inquirer, and USA Today. In 2023 and 2024, it was named the best donut shop in Pennsylvania by LoveFood.

What Makes Beiler’s Doughnuts So Special?

One of the reasons why Beiler’s Doughnuts stands out among other donut shops is its authenticity. The Beiler family has been making donuts for generations, and they have preserved their heritage and culture in their products. They use simple and natural ingredients, such as flour, sugar, eggs, butter, and milk, and avoid artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. They also make their donuts by hand, using wooden rolling pins, metal cutters, and deep fryers.

Another reason why Beiler’s Doughnuts is so popular is its variety and quality. The shop offers over 40 different kinds of donuts, ranging from classic to seasonal to specialty. Some of the most popular flavors are maple bacon, salted caramel, key lime, and coconut cream. The donuts are always fresh, moist, and delicious, and customers can watch them being made in front of their eyes.

How to Visit Beiler’s Doughnuts

If you want to try the best donuts in Pennsylvania, you can visit Beiler’s Doughnuts at one of their two locations. The original shop is located in Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia, and the newer one is located in Lancaster at 398 Harrisburg Pike. The shops are open from Monday to Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. You can also order online or by phone, and have your donuts delivered to your door.

Be prepared to wait in line, as the shop is very popular and busy, especially on weekends and holidays. But don’t worry, the line moves fast, and the staff is friendly and efficient. You can also sample some of their donuts while you wait, and enjoy the aroma and atmosphere of the shop.


Beiler’s Doughnuts is a small donut shop that has been named the best donut shop in Pennsylvania by LoveFood. It is run by the Beiler family, who are part of the Amish community, and who make their donuts from scratch every day using fresh and natural ingredients. The shop offers a wide range of flavors and types of donuts, and is known for its crème filled powdered donuts. The shop has two locations, one in Philadelphia and one in Lancaster, and is open from Monday to Saturday. If you are looking for a sweet treat that is authentic, delicious, and satisfying, you should visit Beiler’s Doughnuts and taste the difference.

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